L' EBRU la tradition du geste

My story

A word, a sentence, put end to end, will they arouse your curiosity? This is what happened to me, now more than twelve years ago.

'' Smyrna"

A quick passage of a hurried step under an unfortunate sun in a narrow alley of the old city. A small poster hanging from the hook of an ugly door pushed my eyes into a cloud of colors. It was a wonderful meeting, with the tips of my fingers I discovered my soul, made of a thousand features.

This is how I feel mad at the foot of my ancestors. ''

  Today. Every time I push the door of the workshop, I thank my patience because without it I will never have been able to make live my passion.

Body and soul we are in agreement!

As a result, I continue my search for harmonies of lights, lines and waves. The daily comings and goings rhythm the movement of my hand. Drop by drop is my thought on the surface of the water. I am my reflection! I free myself from the hassle and plunge into acceptance. The tank is the only master of the moment! Sometimes I see an exceptional work coming, sometimes nothing freezes on the sheet. The pebbles make me discover how to stay marble, I'm amazed at the feathers of peacocks like a child. Sometimes I get lost between the motives and that's when I tell myself, there is so much to do.

Luck had smiled on me this summer two thousand and six. And today I continue to smile to be able to exercise this art said Ebru-cloud in Persian, which comes to us from so far, which remained mysterious, a little magic and even mystical. It is a great pleasure for me to get the restored books, decorated with my grain of madness. They are in a library, neatly tidied up, maybe in a mess like never seen!

 One day someone will read one of these books and I will be present in great discretion!

     Qualité de nos


nos peintures

broyé à la main.........

pigments naturels broyés sur marbre à la main
pigments naturels broyés sur marbre à la main
pinceaux en bois de rosier , bois de palissandre et crin de cheval fabriqués par nos soins
pinceaux en bois de rosier , bois de palissandre et crin de cheval fabriqués par nos soins

​nos papiers

Nous choisissons avec soin nos papiers et supports pour être au plus proche de vos exigences....

couleurs et lumiéres...

     Voici l'occasion de partager cette technique différemment par le biais d'un contraste lumineux et d'une projection sur divers supports tel que façade , écran, une toile .....

  Le mouvement du stylet sur le bain se transforme et entre en interaction avec le spectacle qui se déroule alors sur scène, qu'il s'agisse de danse, de musique ou bien encore de lecture de contes pour enfants et tant d'autres ...

 Ces peintures sont exécutées au stylet. Ce contact direct avec la cuve et la matière donne une impression plastique et mouvante , la matière semble vivante.